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Are you struggling to pay off huge amounts of debt? It may be best to retain a bankruptcy lawyer to help you with your money problems. We’re Vidmer Law Office, and you can trust us to provide quality representation and debt relief services to help you get financially free. We’re a local firm that takes pride in helping the people of Benton, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. Call and talk to us about your debt today—we also offer other legal services. No firm will work harder to solve your legal matters. Contact our staff today!

Bankruptcy Lawyer Benton Kentucky

We’re the place that people in the Benton area call when they need a quality bankruptcy lawyer that will fight to solve their money problems. This is nothing to be ashamed of—bankruptcy can be a tool to solve your debt issues and get on with your life. Our expert will sit down to discuss the origin of your debt problems, and will explain the process of filing for you. We can use Chapters 7 and 13 of the bankruptcy code to help those that have accrued secured and unsecured debt. Chapter 7 deals with unsecured debt like unpaid medical bills and credit cards. Chapter 13 helps those with student loans and other secured debt.

However, we’re not just a bankruptcy lawyer. We provide a range of legal services for those in the Benton area to take advantage of. Talk to us about your messy divorce. We can offer negotiation for divorce proceedings and help decide on custody, alimony, and more. Don’t forget, we can also be of service for criminal proceedings and will fight for you. Finally, we offer estate planning including will writing and probate administration. All your business will be attended to, and nothing will be left undone.

We’re more than happy to help you—let us stop foreclosure, halt wage garnishment, and put an end to collection calls. Call for your first free legal consultation today!

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Benton KY

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